Importing a dog from Europe

Importing a dog from Europe

Importing a dog from Europe

I’ve posted a series of articles about my first experience of importing a dog from Europe to the US. Below are the links to the articles in chronological order:

How to find a breeder in Europe? This article describes the steps I took when searching for a reputable European Doberman breeder in Europe.

Doberman puppy cost. I describe price range of doberman puppies in different doberman kennels.

Mistakes to avoid when traveling with dogs internationally. What to watch out for, and mistakes to avoid when importing your doberman puppy from Europe.

Airports and dogs. My experience with airports and flight connections when traveling with a doberman puppy, checked in as luggage.

Cost to ship a dog from Europe. What I learned about shipping a puppy from Europe to the US.

Dog airline travel accessories and information. Where I bought my travel accessories.

Please, share your experience and questions in corresponding articles.



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