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european working doberman vs show doberman

Working doberman vs show doberman

What is a working doberman? What is a show doberman? Is there a difference between working doberman vs show doberman? Doberman was created around 1890s in Germany by a tax collector to assist him in his job. The dogs lived with their master and had to be also good companion dogs. As a personal protection dog, the Doberman was originally bred… Read more →

American vs European Doberman

American vs European Doberman

Being originally from Europe, there was the one and the only Doberman type that I knew – a strong athletic dog, with exceptional loyalty to his master, and superior protection ability. After moving to the US, I was surprised to learn that there is a difference between American vs European Doberman. Back in the days in Europe, if you wanted… Read more →


Doberman and child

  A question about doberman and child. How would a doberman behave with a teenager that visits a divorced parent? Q: I am retired military with a lot of time on my hands. I have owned other breeds before, but never a Dobie. I have been thinking about purchasing a Doberman, but do have one concern. I have an 11… Read more →

dog nipping guests

Dog nipping guests

  A question about a dog nipping guests. Q: My husband and I rescued a 4 yr old dobergirl from a home where she was kept in a crate in an upstairs bedroom. “Schatz” (her new name) has bonded with me to the point of needing to touch me or be touched constantly. We have been socializing her as much… Read more →