Posting doberman ears with cotton swabs and nasal strips

Read my previous article – an overview on how to post cropped ears that describes different ear posting methods.

Posting doberman ears with cotton swabs and nasal strips is an easy method. I recommend to use this method only for correction of already standing ears. I began using this method when my puppy was about 11 months old and had developed enough cartilage to keep the ears standing for a few days without any support. If your puppy’s ears are too weak and still floppy, this method doesn’t provide enough support to pull the ears up.

Cotton swabs help to keep the ear flap upright. Please, note, that cotton swabs should not be inserted inside the ear. If your puppy’s ears don’t stand straight – do not use cotton swabs to lift them up. Some people use pop-sickle sticks instead of cotton swabs, but they are a lot heavier and could pull the ears down. Cotton swabs are not very durable and break easily when a puppy shakes his head or accidentally bends his ears while asleep.

Nasal strips are used to add durability and flexibility. They prevent cotton swabs from breaking.

Posting doberman ears with cotton swabs and nasal strips is a perfect method for correcting ear tips and ear pockets. You can move the cotton swab closer to the tip of the ear if you need to straighten it. Or bend the cotton swab – if you need to bend the ear tip. If you need to correct sagging ear pocket – add support in that area before taping the base of the ear (it is not shown in the video). For ear pockets I use 3-4 round cotton pads folded in half and taped tightly together.

Always remember to clean your puppy’s ears before posting them again. This method is more “breathable” for ears, than other methods I’ve described. It can last a while, but I never kept my puppy’s ears taped with this method for more than 4-5 days.

Always remember to massage ears whenever you get a chance. It helps with blood circulation.

See the video tutorial below:


There are an alternative methods to posting with cotton swabs and nasal strips:

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