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homemade dog food recipe

The best dog food for dobermans

  Growing up in Eastern Europe in 1980s – early 1990s – the term “dog food” didn’t exist. The best dog food was scraps from the table or homemade dog food. I remember establishing connections with local butchers to pickup weekly meat and bone leftovers from the market. At the end of 1990s commercial dog food became more affordable and… Read more →

How to post cropped ears

I made a quick decision to crop my puppy’s ears, took a long drive to Riverside for the surgery, and then realized I forgot how to post cropped ears. It’s been over 15 years since I’ve done it. What materials to use, how long to post, what to watch for? Nitro is 14 months now and has beautiful ears. Below… Read more →

Light ear posting method – tape crown

Read my previous article – an overview on how to post cropped ears that describes different ear posting methods. I got this light ear posting method from my friend in Poland. Her puppy has a European show crop. This method uses only tape to shape the ears. I like this method because it is very light to carry, and very… Read more →